Monday, July 9, 2012


Coming up in August
p.s. there is still time to join this giveaway hop!

                                          Bippity Boppity Book (INT)

RULES for the Hop:

1. Book(s) offered for giveaway must be historical fiction (sub-genres such as historical romance, historical fantasy, historical thriller/mystery, YA historicals are fine).  Gift cards and other items are allowed but items must relate in some way to historical fiction and should be something you think a historical loving book nerd would enjoy.

2. Your giveaway post must include the above image and linky code so participants can see others who are signed up for the hop.  I will send out the link one week prior to the hop.

3. Your hop post will preferably by live by at 12:01 am on the 24th but MUST be live by noon EST on the 25th.  I will be checking at this time to make sure the post is up and removing the link if it is not.

4. Please make the entry process for your giveaway as simple as possible (i.e. please don't make participants jump through too many hoops to enter).

5. You are responsible for all costs associated with your giveaway (i.e obtaining your prize and covering the shipping costs to get it to your winner).  There should be no cost whatsoever being paid by the winner of your giveaway.

Authors are more than welcome to participate in this hop.  Bloggers-any assistance you can give spreading the word about this hop via Twitter, Facebook, grabbing the button below for your sidebar or anything else you can think of would be greatly appreciated.  One of my main concerns about putting this together was that I am kind of an "under the radar" blogger and wouldn't have the reach necessary to make this successful.  I have had this idea in my head awhile and I love historical fiction too much to pass up doing this though.  I am going to put my social media skills to the test here and anything you can do to get the word out would make me eternally grateful!  I am hoping this goes well enough where I can make it an annual thing.

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