Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tina Reber´s - Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed

Love UnrehearsedLove Unscripted

Oh my! Looooved these books! This book series tells the story of a movie star falling for a regular woman. And I can tell you they´re quite a couple! I stayed up way too late to keep reading. Lost track of time. Went to sleep but then started to read via my mobile Kindle application..Safe to say they were an easy read! I read the first and tried to start reading 3 different books that are very promising, quite surely I will like or reaaaally like them eventually when I do read them. But right then I was not able to continue to any other stories. I was to say, stuck. The story and the characters got me so enveloped that they were still in my head not agreeing to leave me alone. At least not until I had read the next book as well. So I bought Love Unrehearsed. Not a euro wasted there!

I thought I started to read an erotic romance. Well there was some of that but not a lot. Having read only Fifty Shades of Grey before these I guess it is quite hard to make a comparison. I would just call them romance/contemporary romance.

I received the first, Love Unscripted, free to review from somewhere that I do not remember anymore since it was ages ago. I think it was from a group in Goodreads. So thank you Tina Reber or anyone via whom I received this book! Hopefully I will get to read the next one soon!

Warning, spoilers included:

Love Unscripted: I pretty much love all about it. But there was one thing in the plot I did not care for. I had hoped the couple in the story would believe and trust in each other through it all. So the point when Taryn thought Ryan was cheating her was the low point for me. And that part lasted too long. But as I get it read I was able to just forget it.

Love Unrehearsed: I kept hoping that Taryn would actually step in and do a role in that movie!!

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