Friday, August 10, 2012


Fallen (Fallen, #1)Fallen
by Lauren Kate
(series: Fallen #1)
Originally published 2009
Published by Corgi Books
YA, paranormal, romance

4 stars

Luce is a teen girl who gets send to a boarding school after an just happens that the boarding school houses not just humans but something else as well.

This was a reread for me, I read this book few years ago, but I did not remember much about it. So four stars, even though there were parts in the beginning and the end that weren´t getting me really excited, the book in general did. I love love the character Arriane. I like the setting and the whole mix of characters. I liked the romantic moments between different characters. There were some really sweet stuff in there, but also, and quite surprisingly, some quite brutal ones as well. And what I really liked is the way the main character doesn´t just automatically believe everything she sees and hears! I will be reading Torment as soon as I can find the time, that will be a reread as well so I hope to make it quick so I can read the rest of the series that I have not read before.


  1. I nearly picked this up close but put it back! great review will have to get back out there and get it now!

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  4. Hmm BookMooch, don´t know what that is but a brief look tells me I need to find out a little bit more when I get the time to investigate :)