Monday, July 2, 2012

Halfway through the Year Stats

So,  we´re done with half of the year so I thought I would share some of my reading statistic with you! And also some of the challenges I´m participating in. Doing challenges makes it a little easier to pick the books you read next. But it also adds a lot of books to your to-be-read pile! Like there wasn´t enough already! :) But I like doing these challenges because it also makes me choose books from genres I wouldn´t normally pick that often. Even when I like books from a lot of genres I mostly pick YA paranormal.

37 books read from
23 different authors that have
10 different nationalities

10660 pages read
4 books with over 500 pages
12 books published before  year 2000

Alphabet Challenge 17/29 (first letter of the book name)
Sub-Genre Challenge 10/30 (book subgenres, self chosen)
Listopia Challenge 11/33 (any listopia list from goodreads, I chose "Best Series")
Book-to-movie challenge 7/15 (books that have movies made out of them, no classics)
My Finnish Books Challenge 4/10 (Finnish authors)
This Is Your Life 6/11 (the thing with this challenge is to tell about yourself through the books you choose)
Around the World in Books 10/15 (authors from different countries)
New to Me Authors 23/20 (authors you´ve never read before)
Door Stoppers 4/10 (books with over 500 pages)
I Spy Title 14/25 (need to read books that has certain kinds of words in their title, like:  a colour, a number, a name, a weapon, a royal title..)

Do you know what you´ve been reading this year?

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