Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BOOK REVIEW Asking for Trouble

Asking for TroubleAsking for Trouble
by Elizabeth Young
Originally published 2000
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Chick Lit, Romance

4 stars

So this book is about a thirty-year-old Sophie. She is not married, does not have a boyfriend, so she sort of ends up inventing one. It starts out as a little white lie to her mother. But then her parents starts asking her to bring him to meet them! By various discussions she finally gives in and promises to bring her "Dominic" to her sisters wedding so she hires a man from an escort agency to play this Dominic she has invented. You might guess that not everything goes as planned..but how it turns out, you´ll have to find out yourself!

Liked the beginning a lot, thought it was funny. Liked the end bit as well. In the middle there was maybe a part too long where I kept waiting for something to happen, or something more. Don´t get me wrong it was not bad or anything. I would have given 3,5 stars if possible, maybe. Well anyway ended up with four stars. It made me smile a lot, laugh a little as well. Quite easy to read. At some parts I felt glued to the book for wanting to read and read and read. But it did not last for the whole book (not the middle). Light reading, fitted perfectly for a summer read for me. Just what I needed right now! In the end there were some pretty electric moments between two characters that I quite enjoyed! So nothing special, but enjoyable, a light and easy read.

P.S. You might know the story from the movie The Wedding Date.

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  1. i love this book cover it's so funny!