Sunday, June 24, 2012


Uglies (Uglies, #1)
by Scott Westerfeld
(series: #1 Uglies)
Originally published 2005
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia

3 stars

This book started off slowly for me. I was interested in how the story would turn out, but it took quite long for me to really get into the story. In the beginning, I thought I´d only want to read this first book of the series, but now that I have just finished the book I do want to continue the series, just not right now. So my mind changed a lot during this book. It was not bad at any point, it kept getting better and better from the ok start. I would´ve given the last half of the book 4 stars.

So I liked the story. But I would have wanted a little bit more out of the characters. In the beginning I also felt that at some points an event was rushed to get to another point in the story. If the story would have been written a little differently, with the emphasis on the events that were written at the last half of the book and a little more introducing the characters, I would have given it more stars. If I did not too many books to read right now, I would continue the series immediately because the ending of this one..well you know how they make these books! :)


  1. Oh, I've been dying to read this book. Did you get to read the rest of the series?

  2. No not yet at least. I will at some point but it´s just not at the top of my to be read pile :)