Saturday, June 16, 2012

BOOK REVIEW Gallagher´s Pride

Gallagher's Pride (Gallagher #1)
Gallagher´s Pride
by M.K. McClintock
(series: #1 Gallagher)
Orinally published 2012
Publisher:  by Trappers Peak Publishing
Romance, Western

4 stars

I really liked this book, I would give it 4,5 stars. I´m not sure what it is that is missing from the book, why I´m not giving five stars. But I liked the plot, I liked the characters and it was well written. It was really easy to read, only I don´t have a kindle so I had to read on my laptop.. What I liked about the book a lot, is that it surprised me by being a lot more than what I was expecting. It was more deep and the characters felt real with real emotions, making me quite irritated at times (in a good way!). The characters all had their unique things that made it easy to remember them after they were first introduced, but they weren´t obviously cliché. The book left me wanting to have the next book of the series to read, soon rather than later! I wouldn´t mind for a bit of Gallagher for myself! ;)


  1. This sounds good I am going to download it on my kindle(: I love these books and this was a great review!

  2. There is also the authors interview on my blog! :) Hope you like it!.