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So, a little while ago I read a book called Gallagher´s Pride. I received the book through a Goodreads group Making Connections as a ARR book – author requesting reviews. I don´t know what exactly caught my attention when I decided to ask for the book, for it is not of a genre I typically read. But I do not regret!

Gallagher´s Pride is a historical/western romance. It was published January this year and it is the first of a series, the second one to be published in August. 

After finishing this book I was left with the familiar feeling of GIVE-ME-MORE-OF-THIS that you get after finishing a book of a series that you´ve been too eager to read. You know what I´m talking about.. it´s annoying, but in a good way! Now here I have the interview of the author of that book, M.K. McClintock, but at first a little bit more about the book:


She was on a quest of discovery. 
He was on a quest for revenge.
Together they would discover a second chance.

Brenna Cameron travels from Scotland after losing someone she loves in search of family she didn't know existed. Alone now in the world, Brenna makes an arduous journey, following the trail of discovery to Briarwood, Montana. Here she meets Ethan Gallagher, and the rest of the Gallagher clan. Only with their help is she able to discover lost family, heal old wounds and embark on a treacherous confrontation with a man who destroyed her family. As head of the Gallagher clan, Ethan has more than enough to occupy his thoughts and time-he didn't need the complication of Brenna Cameron and he certainly didn't need the trouble that came with her. Ethan takes on the unwanted duty of self-appointed protector to the headstrong Scot, only to discover there is such a thing as second chances and more to life than revenge.

And here´s the trailer:

Published January 7th 2012 by Trappers Peak Publishing
Get it from Amazon: paperback/ebook
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Where can you get the book Gallagher´s Pride? 
-Gallagher’s Pride is currently available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

What new is in the second edition of the book?
-I have a wonderful new editor who worked on the second edition with me. I’ve also added what I feel are a couple of essential scenes, but the heart of the story is the same.

How many books will there be in the series?
-There will be four books. Originally there was going to be a fifth, but a death in the third book prevents that and no, I’m not going to give anything away. :)

How long did it take for you to finish Gallagher´s Pride?
-About 6 months originally and then a couple extra months were added on with the additional editing.

Did the plot of the book turn out the way you thought it would or did something change during the process of writing it?
-Not exactly. I had an idea of where I wanted it to go, but halfway through I realized that wasn’t going to happen. The characters took on a life of their own and I found that if I went with it, the single book would become a series, hence the Gallagher Series.

If you could get anyone to read your book, who would you want to read it?
-That’s a tough one, but I’m going to go with Johanna Lindsey.

If your book was to be made in to a movie, who would you choose to play the leading roles?
-Some of my responses have actually changed since the last time I was asked this question and will probably change again when I see a good-looking guy in cowboy getup! For now my picks for the three Gallaghers are Dylan McDermott as Ethan, Victor Webster as Gabriel and Emily Blunt as Eliza.

Was Gallagher´s Pride the first book you wrote?
-It wasn’t the first complete book, but it was the book I’ve published and promoted. The first full-length book I wrote was temporarily published and will be available again once the editor has worked her magic.

What other books have you written and what are they about?
-Alaina Claiborne was my first full-length novel set in Victorian England (late 19th century) and is the first of what will be three British Agent novels.

Did some music inspire you while you wrote the book? Or something else, what?
-I generally like my surroundings quiet while I write, but once in a while I’ll listen to classical or Celtic music during a particular scene. It helps me to play the scene out in my head before writing it.

What was the hardest part in writing this book?
-The ending. I knew it would carry over into a second book and so I wrote it with a bit of a cliff-hanger. I debated doing that for a few weeks because not everyone likes unanswered questions, but I knew it would be the best way for the story to end and transition into the next book of the series. I’m now happy that I went with the ending I did.

Did you do everything in the book yourself, or did you have some help? (cover design, proof reading..)
-Originally I did everything myself, but no writer can edit on their own, so I began working with an editor in May for the second edition of the book. Never again will I attempt that on my own. Everything else I do myself and luckily enjoy it all.

How did you end up writing a book?
-The story was in my head and wanted to be written, so I wrote—simple as that.

What sort of things do you enjoy doing?
-I love being outdoors and spend a lot of my free time during the summer in the lake, hiking or in the gardens. During the winter I like to snowshoe. I also bake, read, knit, see a movie. . . I like to keep busy.

What is your pet peeve?
-I only get one? :) The latest is hearing people use the phrase “you know” twenty times in a conversation.

Your favourite authors/books?
-My favorites are Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (pick any book) and Edward Rutherford (Princes of Ireland and Rebels of Ireland).

Do you prefer reading paperback/hardback/ebook? Why?
-Print books (hardcover or paperback). I sometimes read eBooks for reviewing, but I spend so much time at a computer during the day, that I don’t want to spend my leisure reading time looking at an electronic screen. I also like holding the book, turning the pages and setting the ones I like on my bookshelf.


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