Thursday, September 27, 2012


Torment: A Fallen Novel (Fallen, #2)Torment
by Lauren Kate
(series: Fallen #2)
Originally published 2010
Published by Doubleday
Romance, Paranormal, YA

4 stars

This is the second book in the Fallen series. It continues pretty much where there first left off. I did not have big expectations for this one, so I was very positively surprised as I got very excited about reading it! In the end I guess not much actually happens in the book and it ends with such a cliffhanger, everything in the story wide open! I would badly need to fill my need for more information what happens to all those old and new characters of the story, but I believe I have to finish some other books first. My advice is, do not read this one if you do not have the next one, Passion, to start right after this one!

In this one I really liked the new characters Shelby and Miles. And the dialogue between Shelby and Luce was fun. A lot is added to the background story of Luce and Daniel, and the angels and demons in general, in this second book, but still there are yet more secrets to discover.  I have no idea what to expect of Passion, but I really do hope I can start reading it soon!!


  1. I've only read the first book, and since I wasn't completely in love with it, I never finished the series. Reading your review, I think I should give it a second chance.

  2. I think you should give Torment a chance, read a couple of chapters and see how it feels!