Saturday, September 22, 2012


The Host
The Host 
by Stephenie Meyer
Originally published 2008
Published by Sphere
Science Fiction, Dystopia, YA

4 stars

In this world, the humans has diminished. Hosts has taken their place, their lifes. But there are still some, who fight against the Seekers. Those who hunt down the ones left to resist. Melanie´s Host is new to this life, hosting a human body. The host, Wanderer, is surprised by Melanie, still inside her mind. Their mind..

Or actually, 4,5 stars! Before I started to read this I had heard that I might not get into it right in the beginning but to bare it for it would be great when you get in to it. But I didn´t have to wait for it. I felt like I was immediately familiar with the world of the book and it was easy reading the story. So all you people who have this book stacked away in a pile in your bookshelf or hidden beneath your bed for no other space for books.. go and find it and start reading it, now! Yes it is a big book and it might feel hard to start with. But I can tell that it took maybe a month for me to read this book, but I often had 5 days that I did not touch the book for having to read something else. Every time I started to read this again, it was easy. So easy. I did not struggle with thinking where the story had left me last time I put the book down. So start reading! Also if Science Fiction is not normally up your alley, just be brave and have a go. And also if you hate Twilight books, be even braver and try this one, you might be pleasantly surprised. I have read the twilight books and I can tell you this did not remind me of them.

This book did something stories once in a while does for me. I fell in love with the bad guy. The side that I think I should not have rooted for. But in this case, things are a little more complicated than that..I did not add genre romance, but there is romance in the story as well. And just as I got surprised with the story, I was surprised with the characters. Some strange things happens with the characters in this story. But I felt it was all very believable, but I don´t want to spoil anything. The book has a slow and calm pace to it, once you get used to it, it´s great. Sure, there were some little things I felt weren´t necessary for the story or characters, but I thought that only a few times.

This book was exciting, emotional and filled with feeling of contradiction. The want you don´t want.


  1. I would so choose the world with dolphins, how about you?

    1. I would choose the world of the bears.

      Yayyy I've found a new Host loving blogger in the world :D