Sunday, August 12, 2012

BOOK REVIEW Left Neglected

Left NeglectedLeft Neglected
by Lisa Genova
Originally published 2011
Published by Simon & Schuster Ltd
Contemporary Fiction

Do you know what is left neglect? If you don´t, TRY imagining this:
Look at your keyboard and start typing something. Whoops. It ended up looking something like this: hllo my in. (hello my friend) That is because you do not notice the left side of your keyboard. That is what could happen to a person with left neglect. Now there is nothing wrong with their eye sight, they just do not notice the things on their left side, whether it is the left side of their body, the left side of the room, left of the page of a book, anything.

So that is what this book is about, a woman with left neglect. That is all I will tell about the plot to not spoil too much. I definitely liked this book! I don´t often read books like this, but from time to time one catches my eye. Thankfully this one did.

The beginning was just a little bit slow for me, basically because I was expecting the certain point of the story I knew was coming. But the author described Sarah´s life so that it was easy to imagine her everyday normal life, which is important to fully understand how it changes. Then it was all really good and I couldn´t stop reading. The author has written a well described story of a family´s struggle and succeeded in putting in the funny side of things that are not funny. A really quick read!


  1. I loved this book!! Have you read her other work? Oh my word, the name is escaping me right now.

    Still Alice! That's it :) GREAT great book.

    She has another coming out in September that I'm looking forward to as well.

    1. I have not read anything else from her. Still Alice is too close to my work at the moment so I will wait to read it once I do something else, but I have heard it´s great :) I wonder what the new one is about?