Saturday, July 7, 2012


Ok, so I have only recently started following book blogs. And oh my, there´s loads of them! And so are giveaways! I can´t believe that just a while ago I had no idea about all these things going on. Well, I have fallen in love with these book blogs and their giveaways so I thought I´d share some of my favourite giveaways and blogs with you!

Sagacity Quest: 500 Followes Giveaway, open till July 30th. International!
Mostly YA Book Obsessed!: Breathless Reads Giveaway
Summer Reads Giveaway Hop: Hosted by I am a Reader not a Writer & Rex Robot Reviews, open till July 11th. Lots of international participants.
Singing and Reading in the Rain: Follower Appreciation Giveaway, open till September 3rd. Internationl (if Book Depository delivers to your country)
Incandescent Enchantment: 350+ Follower Giveaway, end July 7th. International (Book Depository)
Alluring Reads: The Cover Madness Giveaway

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
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Tough Critic Book Reviews

Alluring Reads


  1. When I first entered the book blogging world, I had no idea that there where so many book blogs out there. It can be overwhelming, but the fact that there are tons makes finding great ones all the more satisfying.

    1. I can totally agree with you, I am a follower of MANY book blogs but it's great to see other peoples opinions on a lot of books!

      Great blog post by the way, I'll definately look into these other blogs! :)