Sunday, June 17, 2012


No and MeNo and Me
by Delphine de Vigan
Originally published 2007
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Young Adult

3 stars

No and Me. And Lucas. Three kids/teens, who have all been left alone, in different ways. They all have different backgrounds. Still something puts them together to form a friendship. No is homeless. Lucas has a home, but alone. Lou has a home too, with her parents, but she still feels alone. This book is pretty short, it easy enough to read even if it has some quite serious subjects in it.

Come to think of it. I actually don´t know where the homeless in my country/city are. I know that there are homeless people, places that give out food and all that. But places with people actually living on the street, I´ve no idea. Or haven´t I just noticed? I notice the people on the street walking past me looking like they might be homeless. But I do not know where they go. Do you?


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